Are you worried about cost or making errors with your Canadian immigration application but can’t afford professional help from an immigration lawyer or advisor?
immicademy do-it-yourself Canadian immigration courses are a step-by-step tool to help you achieve your goals and make your dream a reality.

Study Permit (Farsi)

The comprehensive step-by-step Study Permit course with educational contents and completed forms samples will help you prepare your Study Permit application. In this Do-it-yourself course, we also guide you through short tutorial videos. We provide lots of examples and easy-to-follow checklist samples of required files such as motivation letters and acceptance letters. We have also ensured that you have the most up-to-date information on Canadian immigration law, regulations and policies that tend to change.
Portuguese study permit

Admissão e Visto de Estudo no Canadá

Este tutorial tem o objetivo de lhe auxiliar, de forma rápida e prática, em sua aplicação para o seu Study Permit. Neste tutorial você encontrará todas as informações necessárias uma aplicação forte e segura, seja para o ensino colegial, seja para ensino superior no Canadá.

Study Permit (English) Coming Soon

This course will be available soon.​

Express Entry (English)

This package contains comprehensive Canadian immigration-related materials with practical step-by-step guidelines that are easy to follow. Express Entry Comprehensive Course is the ultimate A to Z guide for people who want to apply for Canadian Permanent Residency through the Express Entry system. This do-it-yourself Canadian immigration course has been designed by experienced Canadian immigration law experts. With immicademy, we will ensure that you will have full access to all parts of the Express Entry Comprehensive Course materials you purchased without paying extra.

Visit Visa (Farsi)

In this course, all the information required to apply for a Canadian tourist visa has been provided for you. This professional course will help you to get a visitor visa to come to Canada to either visit your relatives or have fun. In our Visit Visa course, we provide you with all materials, tutorial videos, and examples which are easy to follow. This do-it-yourself course will help you prepare your immigration application.

Professional Resume Writing (Farsi)

Even if you want to apply for a job in Canada or need a resume for your Canadian immigration application, the professional resume writing course provides you with comprehensive explanations about writing a resume. Here you will learn how to write a resume in Canadian format and what resume format in Canada must contain. You will also learn how to prepare a perfect cover letter for Canada’s job market. The course will introduce you to some online networking channels in and out of Canada.

I am thankful to immicademy for the Study Permit package. This affordable tool is so complete with all the descriptions and samples (like CV samples) that one may need to apply for university admission and a study permit.


I was able to apply for my study permit using the immicademy Study Permit course. It has all the Canadian university links. 

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