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 Located in the heart of beautiful Vancouver, BC, immicademy is an online professional learning platform designed by experienced Canadian immigration law experts. We prepare DIY Canadian immigration courses, to help you to better prepare your applications without the help of an immigration lawyer/advisor.

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We are expert Canadian immigration lawyers and advisors using our years of experience working on thousands of applications to design and prepare Canadian immigration courses to help you to organize your immigration application without the help of an immigration lawyer/advisor by providing you with knowledge and confidence, while eliminating the risk of being defrauded by non-licensed advisors, saving time and money. We have anticipated your questions, pinpointed problem areas, and given further explanations so that you can begin the process on your own. We constantly update these DIY courses to ensure you have the most up-to-date information as Canadian immigration law, regulations, and policies tend to change. We endeavor to keep you in the loop and ensure that the information you receive is high quality and accurate. While we won’t be there in person, we will be there in spirit, guiding you along the way with our expert knowledge put into short video tutorials, easy-to-follow checklists, step-by-step instructions, and a list of examples so that you can quickly and easily prepare your immigration application.


Our trusted immigration law professionals have designed these courses so that even if you are not complete entirely with English, you can complete the various steps of completing your immigration forms and process your application by yourself without needing an immigration consultant or lawyer.


Immicademy is proud to be a part of the VIATEC Venture Accelerator Program and recently won a GOLD medal at iCAN 2022, The 7th International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada.

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